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Highland Lakes Bar Association (HLBA).

HLBA P.O. Box 1044 Burnet, Texas USA 78654 (Burnet County)

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Or Just Show Up for Monthly CLE.

Highland   Lakes   Bar   Association   (HLBA)   Members   generally meet   on   the   Last   Friday    each   month   from   12:15   to   1:30pm   either   virtually,   or   if   we’re   lucky   to   arrange   it,   quarterly   in- person   at   a   local   lunch   venue   for   1:25   hours   of   CLE ,   a collegial   chat,   and   a   good   meal.      If   you   are   an   area   lawyer   in the   Hill   Country   or   Justice   of   the   Peace,   County   or   Municipal Judge,    or    District    or   Appellate    Judge,    we’d    be    honored    if you’d   join   us.      No   obligations.      Just   a   solid   group   of   Country Lawyers   who   focus   on   some   of   the   most   cutting   edge   issues faced in our profession. We look forward to seeing you there.
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Last Friday CLEs at Francesco’s

visit this 5 star restaurant at its own facebook site www.facebook.com/Francescosmfalls