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60 Members.  30 Core

Members.  120 Area Reach.

A   few   of   our   Legacy   Members   can   tell you   about   how   there   used   to   be   just   one stop    light    between    Marble    Falls    and Burnet.     The     Marble     Falls     Economic Development     Commission      now     notes Marble   Falls   and   Burnet   County   as   one of   the   fastest   growing   communities   in   the Highland   Lakes   area.      Along   with   growth often     comes     conflicting     pressures     of varied   business   and   personal   interests.     Member    lawyers    are    well    prepared    to help    you    navigate    through    those    legal issues   that   may   arise   at   any   stage   of   life.        If   you’re   new   to   the   area,   or   just   need   to discuss    an    old    will,    consider    giving    an HLBA Attorney  a call.
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